My all-time favorite movie is August Rush. It is the story of a young boy, who through a series of events grows up in an orphanage. As August grows he becomes a music prodigy. August hears music in everything…the rustling of the grass, the birds song, the train on the track, the chimes in the wind…everything has its own rhythm. How often do we really hear what is going around us. We can get so used to the “noise” of our everyday lives that we don’t always hear what we should. We are pulled this way and that way, we are told to do this or that, we are told to buy this, don’t buy that.
Even so in our spiritual lives. Noise—noise—noise. In the spiritual realm we can hear all different kinds of voices…some true, others not so much. In Philippians 3:10 the Apostle Paul lets out a hearts cry…THAT I MAY KNOW HIM—to really know Jesus in his power, his resurrection…to be like Jesus. This is a determination of the heart. I John 2:6 says that “whoever claims to live in Christ must also walk as Jesus did.” Wow! God’s plan for each of us is nothing short of a new heart that is sensitive to spiritual things resulting in transformation in our lives.
But there is a song we need to hear…it is the music of heaven. Are you listening?