We are currently right in the middle of the Lenten Season. It is a season for us to still ourselves and to listen more closely to the voice of the Spirit speaking to our hearts so that we might draw closer of Jesus.

I have a question for you–How thirsty are you? In Isaiah 55:1-9, we are encourage to come and drink deeply of that which the Lord provides for us. In Psalm 42 we have the picture of a deer panting for water and the psalmist crying out that as the deer thirsts, so his soul thirsts after God. How about you? Do you thirst after the things of God? Do you desire to draw closer, to have a more intimate relationship with the Savior?

It is so vital that each and every one of us would during this season of Lent examine our “thirst” and to see what we are really thirsty for.

I would encourage you to seek the Lord while He is near, draw near to Him for your own spiritual sake.

Be blessed this special season that reminds us once again of the love of the Savior for each of us.