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God’s Grace

Recently I was reading a prayer written by Ted Loder which said, “ground me in your grace.” This is a powerful concept so deeply needed in our hectic and often troubling world. But what exactly is “grace” and how do I respond to it in a way that affects my life? Grace is a word that brings a mental picture of a ballerina moving softly across the floor, or the slow melodic movement of a swan on calm waters. “Grace” is the prayer said before sharing a meal or the professional ice skater flowing across the ice.
Donald Barnhouse says, “Love that goes upward is worship; love that goes outward is affection; love that stoops is grace.” In other words, to express grace is to extend favor or kindness to one who doesn’t deserve it and can never earn it. I have a favorite acrostic for the letters of grace: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.
God shows his grace toward us, not because we deserve it, but because he remains true to his promise to be merciful and to love those who belong to him. This grace has been lavished on us through Christ. Grace is the free gift of God to our lives. For further insight into grace read Hebrews 4:16, 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 or Philippians 2:3-11.
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Be the love of Jesus!


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God’s Love is Enough

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  1. Kim Weisacosky

    Love this! Oh how I’ve missed hearing God’s words through you!! I will be reading your words daily. Love you, dear friend!!

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